• Conduct studies and research in national security of India spanning across the internal security,counter-terrorism mechanisms, maritime and aviation security, Naxalite and Maoists related low intensity insurgency, conflicts leading to religious extremism and radicalization and policy alternatives.
  • Study and evaluate factors affecting India’s national security and focus on vulnerable areas and suggest counter measures in the formation of national security strategy.
  • Carryout studies of international relations and geo-political factors of strategic significance with a view to suggest different CBMs and its hands international cooperation among comity of nations to achieve stable security environment.
  • Promoting awareness and initiating public debate on importance of human security and to provide new dimension to the concept of development.
  • Initiating, undertaking, organising and facilitating study courses, conferences, seminars and research in matters relating to various aspects human security with global perspective and to offer fellowships, prizes, scholarships and stipends in for the reins of its objectives.
  • Associating with Government departments, educational institutions and other national and international organisations with similar objectives.
  • Promoting Awareness about safe, secure critical information infrastructure of the nation and deliver advice that aims to protect or reduce the vulnerabilities of critical information infrastructure against Cyber Terrorism, cyber warfare and other threats.
  • Conducting any other activities that may be necessary, useful or desirable for the furtherance or accomplishment of sustainable pragmatic human safety, security, development or issues of national importance that have bearing on India’s Unity, integrity, peace and global harmony.