Online Event: CYBER SECURITY  CONFERENCE 2021

                                                                   Date : MARCH  15th to 17th, 2021,Time: 9:30 AM-9:30PM

                                                                                      Platform: Google Meet

                            Conference Theme: Cyber and Information Security 2021”                                                                                                        


It is rightly said that the sudden wave of the pandemic has pushed us to live on the internet. This explosion in the usage of the internet has come with an increase in cybercrimes. This has led countries to forcefully search for new-age answers to lessen the recurrence of breach of information and cyber crimes. Cyber security is the practice of protecting vital assets from various Cyber threats that the virtual world poses today.

With respect to new age problems such as fake news, gender disparity in the cyber domain, AI stepping into cyber security, experts and researchers are trying to use its potential to identify and counteract sophisticated cyber- attacks with minimal human intervention. Through this conference, we at GCTC would like to initiate this extensive dialogue on Cyber Security that has become so imperative because of the role it plays in every major field. We aim to deliberate and discuss how the concerned authorities themselves are evolving to keep up with said changes. We also aim to carve solutions to meet future challenges. We believe in International Collaborations and we look to the diversity of advice, opinions, policies and technologies that will be on offer.

The next-generation technologies going to impact our society, industry, academics, and government within the near future are being conceptualized, developed, and deployed at an expanding rate. Aggregation of such technology significantly increases the complexities, vulnerability, and expenditure required next to the lines of these platforms. The emergence of newer technologies like block chain and crypto currency makes it all the more necessary to build these efforts. There are various other technologies which need to be emphasized such as the use of geolocation as well as digital forensic in order to improve cyber security and thus, needs a wider discourse. Geo location can become a double-edged sword in terms of its usage however, governance and policies of jurisdiction can be on the basis of both opt in and opt out policies as advanced by European Union and the United States therefore, its jurisdiction can be controlled and might vary. Similarly, digital forensic might turn out to be very beneficial in order to aid identification of cyber threats and build cyber resilience especially in the current world order where all business of significance has shifted on the cyber space. This paper explores the vulnerabilities that India faces within the upcoming cyberspace and each of its critical sectors including- manufacturing, power, telecommunication, energy, defense, mobile commerce, and space.

Global Counter-Terrorism Council, a registered not-for-profit think tank, aims to provide a conducive conference on ‘Cyber and Information Security 2021’ with stakeholders and experts engaging to part expertise and discuss optimal applications within the fields of cyber and data security, data protection, threats, risks, technical skills and all the most recent legal policies related to it. Including comprehensive interactive workshops led by experienced professionals to examine challenges and explore safeguard practices, plenary sessions with high-level keynote speakers on Cyber Security and Cyber Crisis, and break-out sessions for audience engagement.

This conference will bring together government representatives, security experts, academicians & industrial stakeholders to discuss & exchange ideas about significant cyber security policies, sector specific analyses and new emerging threats and how to tackle them with presently available technology. We at GCTC are proud to bring this discussion to the fore front and hope to construct a path of fruitful deliberations creating a discourse that benefits the society.