Conference on China Pakistan Economic Corridor

Conference on China Pakistan Economic Corridor: Challenges & Implica on for India Dated 28th January 2017 : session 2

On 28th January 2017, Session 2 of the conference, the topic of discussion was “China Pakistan Economic Corridor: Challenges & Implication for India “. Main speakers in the discussion were :

    1. Shashank ,former Foreign secretary Government of India
    2. Lt General P K Singh Director USI
    3. Dr P Stopdan Former Ambassador & Sr Fellow IDSA
    4. Sanjay Pulipaka Sr Consultant ICRIER

Discussion was moderated by Sushil Pandit

National Summit on “Uniting Asian Countries Through Art & Culture” : 18th May 2017

Asian Countries Through Art & Culture was organized in Pacific Cooperation at Marwah Auditorium Noida, UP. Lt.
Yogendra Narain, Former Defence Secretary, Dr. Kavita B.P. Agarwal, Vinod Agnihotri, Consulting Editor made was moderator of the conference.